Our values

Created almost twenty-five years ago, Altarea Cogedim has consistently been acknowledged for the boldness of its choices, the projects it promotes, the answers it provides. Each project is unique, and the company develops responses that reflect the initiative that drives it with enthusiasm, energy and commitment.

Each year, employees devote themselves to finding solutions for residential pathways, retail experiences and new expectations relating to the working environment. To boost creativity within the Group, Altarea Cogedim challenges its business processes to innovate incrementally, go beyond its traditional business lines, create unique, unparalleled, differentiating projects and thus adapt to a changing environment.

Innovation consistently takes pride of place in the concepts imagined, technologies mobilised, materials used and services offered. It is seen as a source of value creation. Innovation informs the Company’s organisation, its businesses, its products and its programmes. Identifying trends, testing and learning, taking innovations to a larger scale, partnering with incubators, collaborating with start-ups, pursuing an open innovation policy are just some of the means by which the Group uses innovation for the benefit of its internal and external customers and explores new lines of business such as real estate services marketing.

The vast range of profiles and skills it encompasses enables the Group to devise integrated and comprehensive solutions for its customers, whatever their field of business. Diversity within the Company is also illustrated by the presence of the Group in all segments of the real estate sector, making Altarea Cogedim a unique operator contributing to the growth of cities.
Altarea Cogedim