Altarea Cogedim and art

Altarea Cogedim endeavours to permanently promote young talent working in different artistic areas - sculpture, painting, music - through a series of initiatives.

For the last twenty years the Group has been organising the “Prix Cogedim de la Première Œuvre”, designed to promote young architects and artists fresh out of art schools, both French and foreign, by giving them the means to create their first work of art, displayed in a Cogedim building. Architectural projects, sculptures, frescos, and mosaics - all artistic forms are possible provided they fit in harmoniously with the building’s environment.

Furthermore, throughout the year, Altarea Cogedim organises numerous artistic events in its shopping centres, in particular at Bercy Village (Paris), Carré de Soie (near Lyon) and Cap 3000 (Saint-Laurent du Var). All genres are showcased, including concerts (jazz, classical, pop rock), as well as exhibitions of photos, paintings, comic strips and street art.
Altarea Cogedim