Sustainable Development

Interview with an expert

Antoine Desbarrières, President of Cerqual and Director of the Qualitel Association

What assets does the NF Logement Démarche HQE® brand offer real estate property developers?

For a property developer, bearing the NF Logement Démarche HQE® brand means having its environmental management system for the housing it is building validated by an impartial, independent body. The
environmental quality is assessed through a multi-criteria approach: it isn’t limited solely to energy performances but takes into account the impact on the environment as well as health, quality of use and comfort criteria. The margin of progression regarding energy performance will quickly become quite low, so it’s by taking the other aspects into account that property developers can stand out. Cogedim is ahead of its time and anticipates these evolutions.

What do you think of the Environmental Management System set up by Cogedim?

The certification relies on a global quality system, a genuine guarantee of a permanent, homogenous progress approach over all company sites, which helps to create a lasting environmental quality. Setting up such an Environmental Management System means that the property developer is mature, capable of self-assessment and respecting its processes. It requires the property developer integrating the system totally and a strong commitment from general management so each element is adapted. I’m convinced that it works very well at Cogedim. Turning it into a reality in the form of a good practice guide combined with procedures is quite exemplary. Certification validates the relevance of this and only supports optimum project management.

How is Cogedim situated among the different holders of the NF Logement Démarche HQE® certification?

To date, approximately 40 property developers are NF Logement certified, among which, 16 property developers are NF Logement Démarche HQE® certified. On campaigns announced in 2010, we can count 24,000 housing, of which 8000 are NF Logement Démarche HQE® certified. Cogedim undertook half of French NF Logement Démarche HQE® certified housing in 2010, with more than 4000 dwellings. The commitment of NF property developers is often limited to a single BBC label which makes turning the Cogedim HQE approach and its certification into a reality even more exemplary.
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