Aude Mahieu, Cogedim Residence interior architect-designer

Why did you create a department specifically devoted to interior designs of lobby and landing areas?
The design of lobbies and landings is a key feature of our signature quality commitment. It contributes to developing a sense of ownership by buyers and a more convivial residential environment. In upscale properties, the common areas have already been personalized by interior architects. Today, this department includes three architects fully devoted to the common areas for all our entry-level and mid-range residential properties in the Paris Region.

How does this interior design contribute to occupants’ well-being?
When entering a building, the common areas are the first thing people see. We want to “wow” them. For that reason, we make full use of new materials, color, lights, mirrors, consoles, design chandeliers, or even artwork within a limited budget! While the lobbies and hallways represent transitional spaces, they must be a pleasant area where one can stop a moment to look for one’s keys, wait for someone, etc. The challenge is creating an area that is both adapted to existing trends but timeless enough so that it never goes out of fashion.
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