Sustainable Development

Auguste Victor, Deputy CEO, Cogedim Résidence

You are a sustainable development representative for the residential segment and supervise NF Logement Démarche HQE® (high environmental quality residential property) certifications for Paris Region programs. What is the policy of Cogedim Résidence in this area?
In 2008, we initiated a global sustainable development approach that was integrated into our processes and management system. That is why Cerqual’s NF Logement Démarche HQE® certification was chosen over the others. Since the right to use the “NF Logement Démarche HQE®” brand was approved, Cogedim Résidence was certified and, with this, 100% of its residential production. Moreover, since January 2010, all of our programs have complied with at least the BBC Effinergie® label. This continuous environmental approach is one of the Cogedim Résidence “Quality Principles”.

Does your policy foster better urban quality of living?
Cogedim programs have always been founded on the notion of “quality”: the site, apartment design, services and client assistance. Our sustainable development approach has merely reinforced our standards, notably in our choice of economical equipment, renewable, healthy materials, use of natural lighting, acoustic and thermal insulation, and so on. When all of these ingredients are combined in our residences, we advance the quality of living of city-dwellers.
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