Blandine Charvériat-Louis, Marketing Director at Altarea Commerce

Offer our customers entirely new experiences

The Qwartz regional shopping center in Villeneuve-la-Garenne, in
the département of Hauts-de-Seine opened its doors in April 2014.
The center offers an exceptional backdrop for national and international brands, as well as for customers who enjoy a unique shopping experience that combines brick-and-mortar and online retail. Connected to a number of innovations, Qwartz symbolizes the next generation of shopping centers: real living spaces and shopping destinations were pleasure, emotions and leisure mix. One of the most attractive retail hubs in Greater Paris.

What does Qwartz bring to customers that sets it apart?
A unique social experience that creates an opportunity to come back. Today, customers want more than a product or service. They want an experience. They want to be surprised by new offers, original attractions, and a seamless visit, especially through personalized experiences.

What makes this shopping experience so appealing?
At Qwartz, we offer an entirely seamless visit based on experiences and creating a long-lasting relationship. It begins with Qwartz & Co. which was specifically designed to offer new brands that change regularly. It is also in the quality services offered, such as the premium welcome service (stroller, tablet, charger rental, etc.), a freeaccess kids area, comfortable and well-equipped resting places, spaces suitable for working in a group, etc.
On busy days a bellman is available to collect purchases, and on Saturdays a personal shopper offers customized purchasing assistance. Lastly, the experience is lived through the variety of digital entertainment offered on weekends and during school vacations.

How do you go above and beyond in terms of digital experiences?
A fun and interactive journey in the center takes customers through a dozen installations that challenge and encourage them to play. This is part of a trend we are seeing in society, where the visitor seeks to be an actor or hero in this journey. The customer can share his or her adventure on social networks and communicate with the center on Facebook or via the digital social wall at the welcome desk — a hotspot for digital life at the center with a variety of content and news.

What role did the marketing team play in inventing new services?
The marketing team identified a unique positioning that creates value for brands, meets the needs of customers in terms of fluidity and customization, and is in line with overarching trends. To do this, it conducted a thorough benchmarking of living spaces and analyzed the main aspects of digital culture to anticipate changes: technological innovation (geolocation), digital uses (web, smartphones) and interactive experiences like Qwartz Move, which transmits visitors’ movements onto a giant chandelier.
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