Altarea Cogedim is where today’s transitions converge

In a changing environment where the circular economy and the sharing economy are growing in importance and our mode of consumption is shifting from ownership to use, cities are becoming a stage for transitions that complement each other, flow into each other and gather pace together: transitions that are territorial, ecological and societal, but also technological.
Younger generations have been the source of this paradigm shift opening the door to horizontal dialogue: more informed, more vigilant and more demanding, the metropolitans of the future have great expectations in terms of ethics and commitment to economic, social and environmental challenges, and their world view is revolutionising urban life and lifestyles. These transitions transform themselves into opportunities by the very essence of our business model. Altarea Cogedim breathes entrepreneurship into cities, contributes to the reinvention of its regional, ecological, economic and societal dynamics, to guarantee a consistently high quality of life to today’s residents and tomorrow’s.

Altarea Cogedim