Research and forecasting

The Research and Forecasting department has two missions:
  • Evaluate the economic climate in areas that show retail development promise, lay out ratios (lack of retail trade, catchment areas), draw up CDAC and CNAC1 dossiers
  • Research and develop innovations to optimize shopping center quality (information, signage, car parks, rest areas) combining them with new technologies.


The Development department finds areas with potential, in line with corporate strategy and right up to the signature of the promise to purchase. It defines an architectural project that satisfies the budgetary conditions and desires of governing bodies, studies profitability, unit allocation, the price policy in association with the Sales department, and takes part in finding the name / identity of the shopping center, working alongside the Communication department.


The Operations department intervenes once the promise of purchase has been signed and more specifically from the first stone being laid right up to the opening of the shopping center itself. Acting as a global project manager, Operations oversee the entire project and take care of launching bids, monitoring the worksite, scheduling, deliveries, timeframe and also the budget.


The Sales department defines the price policy working with the Development and Resale departments, and also allocation for the different types of brands and shops. It finds the powerhouse chains and first tenants for all the units in the shopping center.


The Resale department is involved in re-renting previously rented units. It finds new tenants and steers any store type reorientation to ensure new retail offers and inject a positive dynamic in to the shopping center.


The Operations department takes care of the day-to-day technical management of the shopping center. It is the relay between the shops and the on-site operational team, and makes sure everything runs smoothly. It also works alongside the Marketing department for events at the shopping center.


The Management department collects rents, manages unpaid bills and examines possible rental increases.


The Promotion department adds value to shopping centers through extensions, remodeling and modernization. By injecting a new dynamic, the Promotion department protects the center from obsolescence, in compliance with current sustainable development standards.


The Legal department is involved at every stage from the launch of the project to its day-to-day management. It assists the Development department during promise of purchase and preliminary research, the Operations department as work on site moves forward, the Sales department for tenancy issues and Management for any claims or disputes and union requests.


The Marketing department runs events and creates original occasions in association with the center’s management at each key stage during the site’s life (opening, anniversary, sales, holidays/festivals, etc.). The department uses a multi-channel strategy to continuously inject energy in to the shopping center.


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