To strive for a sustainable city

Altarea Cogedim is committed to serving the public interest in partnership with cities and their inhabitants. With this in mind, Altarea Cogedim has based its business model on strong convictions that define the Group’s fundamental CSR approach.

Altarea Cogedim firmly believes that its growth must be anchored to corporate social responsibility, and that it can work with cities as a partner in the public interest” – Alain Taravella, founder and Chairman of Altarea Cogedim Group

Cities and buildings are in the slipstream of the profound social, societal and environmental changes currently taking place. Altarea Cogedim is convinced that the response to these changes entails a positive transformation of cities and regions.

The Group’s employees have rallied behind the cause, coming up with new ideas every day to implement Altarea Cogedim’s vision as an urban entrepreneur. How do they do this? By developing neighbourhoods with care, reinventing the built environment, redesigning traffic flows and ensuring high standards of living for the inhabitants.

As a framework for this approach, the Group relies on its CSR plan “ Tous Engagés!” (We are all involved!) and its three pillars:

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