Cogedim Grand-Lyon

  • President: Virginia Bernoux
  • Founded: 1974
  • Employees: 57
  • Coverage: Greater-Lyon

Examples of projects

Orée Tête d’Or - Lyon, 6th arr.

This residence is made up of small buildings surrounded by green areas in an enclosed setting, it is secluded from the noise of the city by the new Clinique du Parc. The surrounding wall creates a large intimate space and the apartments open on to private gardens. The architecture is both sustainable and modern: contemporary lines complemented by terraces and lofts, the facades are set back behind the balconies...

9th Horizon - Lyon, 9th arr.

With almost 50 hectares of green space, La Duchère is located in the heights of the 9th arrondissement, one of the greenest areas of Lyon. During the Large Urbanisation Project launched in 2001 the area was redesigned to include sopping streets, schools, sports facilities and leisure facilities... “9th Horizon” is located in the heart of the area known as the “backbone” of the neighbourhood. This residence is ideally situated close to shops and services, it has welcoming gardened terraces and large balconies opening on to the Vallon Park and an interior garden.
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