Cogedim Midi-Pyrénées

  • CEO: Christophe Brochet
  • Founded: 2003
  • Employees: 30
  • Coverage: Haute-Garonne and Aveyron

Example project: Occitania Garonne - Toulouse

Built on the footprint of the flagship building of the JOB factories which have been preserved and reconditioned, the architecture of Occitania Garonne reprises iconic elements of buildings from the 30s: Cement cornices, curved balconies, protruding frames.... Evoking the splendour of transatlantic liners, large panoramic terraces open on to the Garonne and its hanging gardens. The majestic entrance hall leads on to the interior garden and private swimming pool. This building houses 89 apartments and was completed in 2007.
Altarea Cogedim