Family Village

Altarea Cogedim is expanding the “Family Village” concept: edge-of-town retail focused on family customers, beautifully landscaped and featuring a high-quality and affordable offering. In tune with changing consumer habits and purchasing power, Family Village centers attract both retailers and customers. With five Family Villages already open in Limoges, Les Portes de Brest-Guipavas, Aubergenville, Ruaudin and Nîmes Costières Sud, the Group plans to continue developing this concept.

Family Village / Limoges

Opened in 2010, Family Village Limoges’ 30 shops (Alinéa, Boulanger, But, Casa, Cultura, etc.) are designed as wooden townhouses, blending perfectly with an uninterrupted footpath and natural landscaped atmosphere.
  • Catchment area: 380,000 inhabitants
  • Size: 40,500 sqm GLA
  • Parking: 2,200 spaces

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Les Portes de Guipavas / Brest

Les Portes de Brest-Guipavas has allowed for a range of medium-sized retail spaces to open in Brest, centred around an Ikea store intended to make it more attractive. The architectural framework and atmosphere have been subject to extensive landscaping work.
  • Catchment area: 1,100,000 people
  • Size: 28,537 sqm net floor area
  • Parking: 2,500 spaces

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Family Village Les Hunaudières / Ruaudin (Le Mans)

South-east of Le Mans, Family Village Les Hunaudières filled the gap in the urban area’s retail offer. To meet customer expectations, Altarea Cogedim will extend the current site by 30,272 sqm including an Auchan hypermarket, supermarkets and around forty shops.
  • Catchment area: 350,000 people
  • Size: 30,272 sqm GLA
  • Parking: 1,250 spaces

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Family Village® Costières Sud in Nîmes

Altarea Cogedim’s 5th Family Village®, Costières Sud is located at the heart of a catchment area of 400,000 inhabitants. This center is built around an outdoor mall, creating an atmosphere conducive to shopping, relaxation and leisure.
  • Catchment area: 400,000 inhabitants
  • Surface area: 294,070 ft² (27,320 sqm) net floor area
  • Parking: 1,280 spaces

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