Altarea Cogedim and the Palladio Foundation: supporting the actors building cities and public spaces

Altarea Cogedim is a founder-member of the Palladio Foundation.

Born out of an original initiative by companies in the real estate industry and today bringing together all sectors and professions involved in the issue of urban development, the Palladio Foundation, under the aegis of the Foundation of France, was created in 2008 to serve the public interest related to the major challenge of the 21st century: the construction of cities and their living spaces. It is a place where policymakers, driving forces in urban development, thinkers, investors and developers all meet to invent tomorrow’s cities. It is directly involved with the industry actors, creating the support tools needed to take a step back (institute), prepare for the future (future pole) and anticipate (research). By sharing views between leaders and experts, students and the professions, PhD students and operators, each of the Foundation’s actions helps feed a process of questioning, open-mindedness and mutual enrichment.

In 2016, Altarea Cogedim’s support enabled the Palladio Foundation to develop, in particular:
  • For leaders and decision-makers, the 5th annual cycle of the Palladio Institute des Hautes Etudes sur l’Immobilier et la Cité on the theme of Tomorrow’s City in an Era of Societal Responsibility, sponsored by Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and Chairwoman of C40. The 2016 Proceedings, the result of the work completed during the cycle and by its 28 participants, were published in November 2016, thus adding to the Collection created in 2012. The theme of the 2017 cycle, sponsored by Xavier Bertrand, President of the Hauts-de-France region, is Tomorrow’s city: what place will work occupy? In addition to the Institute, the Foundation jointly organised the major plenary conference of the 2016 SIMI Trade Fair on the exponential upheavals and the revolution in town and real estate models.
  • For students, the tools of the Palladio Future Pole. Sixteen bursaries were awarded to students, representing an overall grant of €135,000. The Junior Real Estate Prize and the SIMI Training Space were sponsored for the 9th and the 6th consecutive years respectively. The Foundation and its Future Pole were also active at the 5th edition of the Forum of Real Estate Professions (45 exhibitors and 2,000 visitors), during which Palladio launched the 1st annual study of real estate industry professions and urban construction. The results will be published at the 2017 Forum. For Palladio, the "Back to University" event brought together students from more than 45 training courses and some thirty establishments.
  • For doctorate and post-doctorate students, the actions of the Palladio Research Pole. In addition to Cahiers Palladio, which publishes articles by the Foundation’s bursary doctorate students, the Research Pole organised the 5th Research Symposium on Real Estate and the Construction of Cities, on the theme of Urban Society - visions of an ecosystem. Eight doctorate students, awarded Palladio bursaries in 2016, presented the provisional results of their work to leaders and decision-makers.

In 2016, Altarea Cogedim was particularly closely involved in:
  • The Governance (Board of Directors) of the Palladio Foundation.
  • The Communications of the Palladio Foundation: Nathalie Bardin participated in strategy discussions.
  • The Palladio Future Pole: Altarea Cogedim took a stand at the Real Estate Professions Forum and Auguste Victor presented the Laennec project there. Christel Zordan is a member of the Bursary Committee.
  • The Palladio Institute: Albert Malaquin and Jean-Frédéric Heinry are members of the Steering and Programming Committee. Stéphane Gardavaud was a member of the College of Participants in the 2016 cycle.

© Palladio Foundation / Visual "Proceedings of the 2016 cycle of the Palladio Institute ", 5th edition in the Collection
© Nicolas Grout, Palladio Foundation / Closing of the 2016 cycle with Anne Hidalgo, cycle sponsor, on 24 November 2016 during the Institute’s annual symposium at the Collège des Bernardins

© Nicolas Grout, Palladio Foundation / Award of the "2016 Palladio Bursaries" on 8 November 2016 during the Palladio "Back to University" event at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal

© SIMI2016 / Award of the "2016 Junior Real Estate Prize", sponsored by the Palladio Foundation, on 2 December 2016 during the SIMI Trade Fair at the Palais des Congrès at Porte Maillot

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