Altarea Cogedim supports the Palladio Foundation

Altarea Cogedim supports the Palladio Foundation

Altarea Cogedim is a founding member of the Palladio Foundation.

Product of an original initiative launched by companies working in the real estate industry, the Palladio Foundation, was created in 2008 around the challenge of building the city of tomorrow and its public spaces. Under the auspices of the Fondation de France, it gathers together all actors involved in this construction (elected officials, real estate professionals, those working in other sectors affected by urban planning issues, researchers, members of federations or associations, media outlets) and invites them to debate these issues. It supports and accompanies those who will build tomorrow’s cities, whether they be students, researchers or young professionals.

In 2012, with the support of Altarea Cogedim, the Palladio Foundation developed:
  • The tools used in Pôle Avenir Palladio (a Palladio Foundation initiative bringing together scholars and businesses to support tomorrow’s real estate professionals). Twelve scholarships were awarded to doctoral and post-doctoral students, for a total of €100,000 in grants. The foundation sponsored SIMI’s Prix Junior de l’Immobilier (Junior Real Estate Prize) and AREIM’s Prix AREIM for the 6th and 3rd straight year, respectively. The foundation also held the second annual real estate career event Forum des Métiers de l’Industrie Immobilière (the Forum for Real Estate Industry Professionals, with 40 exhibitors and 1,400 visitors), as well as SIMI’s Espace Formations (Training Area) which offers 17 training courses from 10 institutions. Eighteen establishments offering 28 training courses were present at Palladio’s back-to-school event to help students kick-start their careers.
  • The second annual conference series of the Palladio Institute for Advanced Studies in Real Estate and the City, which centered on the question “Who will live in the city of tomorrow?” The series was sponsored by Gérard Collomb, Senator, Mayor of Lyon and President of the Greater Lyon area. The speeches given in the conference series and the deliberations of its 27 participants were compiled in a 2012-2013 report, which was published in November 2013 to complement the collection begun in 2012. “How will we use the city of tomorrow?” will be the focus of the third conference series, sponsored by Jean-Louis Borloo, former Minister and MP representing the French département of Nord.
  • The Palladio Research Division, which held the second international colloquium on research in real estate and urban planning on the theme "Building a Sustainable City – Palladio Foundation scholars and researchers take the floor.” The Palladio Foundation’s eight 2012 scholarship winners and renowned experts discussed social, environmental and economic issues.

In 2013, Altarea Cogedim was particularly involved in:
  • Governance (Board of Directors) of the Palladio Foundation.
  • Communication: Nathalie Bardin assisted the Palladio Foundation in developing its communications strategy.
  • Pôle Avenir Palladio: Elisabeth Nessi and Albert Malaquin are involved in Observatoire Palladio, a web tool promoting careers in real estate and urban planning. Altarea Cogedim had a stand at Forum des Métiers de l’Industrie Immobilière.
  • Palladio Institute: Philippe Bouvier participated in the 2012-2013 series.

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