Altarea Cogedim and the Palladio Foundation: supporting the builders of cities and communities

Altarea Cogedim is a founding member of the Palladio Foundation.

The Palladio Foundation was born from an initiative led by real estate companies. Created in 2008 under the auspices of the Fondation de France, it focuses on a major challenge for the 21st century: building cities and living spaces. It is a forum for those who create the city (from the Greek, polis) - political decision-makers, thinkers, investors and builders - to come together to invent the polis of tomorrow. The Foundation works directly with stakeholders responsible for creating cities, designing support tools to lend new perspectives (Institute), training new generations of leaders (Future Center) and planning for the future (Research Center). The working method is based on discussions and debate between decision-makers and experts, students and specialists, academics and professionals.

In 2014, with the support of Altarea Cogedim, the Palladio Foundation has developed:
  • For executives and decision-makers, the third annual conference series of the Palladio Institute for Advanced Studies in Real Estate and the City, which centered on the question “What will be the functions of the city of tomorrow?” The series was sponsored by Jean-Louis Borloo, a former Minister and MP representing the French département of Nord. The speeches and the deliberations of the 28 participants were compiled and published in November 2014 to complement the collection begun in 2012. The theme of the 2015 conference series will be “What will be the values of the city of tomorrow?” The conference will be held under the patronage of Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux and President of the Bordeaux Metropolitan Area.
  • For students, the Palladio Future Center, a Palladio Foundation initiative bringing together scholars and businesses to support tomorrow’s real estate professionals, awarded twelve scholarships to research students, for a total of €100,000 in grants. The foundation also sponsored SIMI’s Junior Real Estate Prize (Prix Junior de l’Immobilier) and AREIM’s Prix AREIM for the 7th and 4th straight years, respectively. In addition, the Foundation held the third annual real estate career Forum for Real Estate Industry Professionals, with 43 exhibitors and 1,500 visitors, (Forum des Métiers de l’Industrie Immobilière) as well as SIMI’s Training Area (Espace Formations), featuring 29 Master’s programs offered by 18 French universities.
  • For doctoral and post-doctoral students, the initiatives of the Palladio Research Center include publishing Cahiers Palladio, which features articles by doctoral students receiving Foundation scholarships, and the organization of the third annual international Research Symposium on real estate and building the City, centered on the theme “New tools for urban and real estate development.” The Foundation’s eight 2013 scholarship winners presented their work and debated with leaders and decision-makers. In particular new tools such as participatory habitat, large-scale projects and co-production were explored.

In 2014, Altarea Cogedim was particularly involved in:
  • Governance (Board of Directors) of the Palladio Foundation.
  • Communication: Altarea Cogedim invited Palladio Foundation teams to one of its Housing Executive Committee meetings.
  • Palladio Future Center: Elisabeth Nessi and Albert Malaquin are involved in Observatoire Palladio, a web-based tool promoting careers in real estate and urban planning. Altarea Cogedim had a stand at the Forum des métiers de l’industrie immobilière; Anne-Laure Nicolet and Albert Malaquin took the floor to present Altarea Cogedim’s IPO of Rue du Commerce.
  • Palladio Institute: Jean-Frédéric Heinry was a member of the Panel of participants for the 2014 conference series. Jean-Frédéric Heinry participated in the annual Symposium.

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