Altarea Cogedim and the Palladio Foundation: supporting the actors building cities and public spaces

Altarea Cogedim is a founder member of the Fondation Palladio.

The FONDATION PALLADIO was created in 2008 within the purview of the Fondation de France to address a major challenge of the 21st century, namely the construction of cities and living areas. It is an original venue that engages and assembles all the sectors and professions concerned by the issue of urban and city development (layout, architecture, construction, energy, environment, real estate, engineering, digital technology, transport, town planning), public authorities, associations, researchers and the media. For cities to be drivers of values that are as human as possible and eminently liveable, it operates directly with players who create or will create towns and cities by producing the support facilities they need for greater perspective (Institut Palladio), preparation of future drivers (Pôle Avenir Palladio), and planning (Pôle Recherche Palladio). Through the criss-crossing of visions from leaders and experts, students and professionals, doctorate students and operatives, each action by the Foundation helps to foster a process of challenge, of open-mindedness and mutual enrichment.

In 2017, thanks to support from Altarea Cogedim, the Fondation Palladio successfully developed:
  • For leaders and decision-makers, the 6th annual cycle at the "Institut Palladio des Hautes Etudes sur l’Immobilier et la Cité" on the theme of "The role of work in the city of the future", sponsored by Xavier Bertrand, President of the Hauts-de-France Region. "2017 Proceedings", the results of the work from this cycle and its 27 leaders/auditors, were published in November 2017 as a supplement to the Collection created in 2012. "Living in the city of the future" is the theme for the 2018 cycle sponsored by Johanna Rolland, Mayor of Nantes and President of Nantes Métropole. Besides the Institute, the Foundation co-organised the grand plenary conference at the 2017 SIMI Trade Fair on the theme of Artificial Intelligence;
  • For students, tools from the Pôle Avenir Palladio. 16 scholarships were awarded to students representing total grants of €135,000. The "Prix Junior de l’Immobilier et de la Ville" and the "Espace Formations du SIMI" were sponsored respectively for the 10th and 7th years in a row. The Foundation and its "Pôle Avenir" also promoted the 6th edition of the "Forum des Métiers de l’Immobilier et de la Ville" (59 exhibitors, 2,500 visitors) during which Palladio, along with EY and Business Immo, presented the findings from the 1st annual study of professions from the real estate and urban construction professions, the "Real Estate and Urban Employment Monitor – France". The Palladio new academic year attracted students from 30 top business schools and universities from all over France;
  • For doctorate and post-doctorate students, actions by the Pôle Recherche Palladio. Besides the "Cahiers Palladio", which publish articles from the Foundation’s scholarship doctorate students, the Pôle Recherche organised the 6th Urban Construction and Real Estate Research symposium around the theme of "Revolution and reconciliation in the regions, a transition in progress?. 9 doctorate students with Palladio 2017 scholarships presented the innovative nature of their work face to face with leaders and decision-makers.

In 2017, Altarea Cogedim was particularly involved in:
  • the governance of the Fondation Palladio (Board of Directors);
  • Communication for the Fondation Palladio: Nathalie Bardin was involved in strategic reviews;
  • Pôle Avenir Palladio: Altarea Cogedim took out a stand at the Forum des Métiers de l’Immobilier et de la Ville (Real Estate & Urban Development Forum);
  • Institut Palladio: Alain Taravella spoke at the public debate on the theme "An opportunity for Greater Paris as Brexit draws closer?". Albert Malaquin and Jean-Frédéric Heinry are members of the Orientation and Programming Committee. Olivier Bucaille was a member of the board of auditors for the 2017 cycle.

© Fondation Palladio / Visual "Proceedings from the 2017 cycle of the Institut Palladio", the Collection’s 6th issue
© Nicolas Grout, Fondation Palladio / 22 November 2017: Xavier Bertrand, sponsor of the 2017 cycle, hands over to Johanna Rolland, sponsor of the 2018 cycle, during the institute’s annual symposium at the Collège des Bernardins

© Nicolas Grout, Fondation Palladio / 7 November 2017: Awarding of the "Palladio 2017 Scholarships" at the 10th Palladio new academic year at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal
© SIMI2017 / 8 December 2017: Awarding of the 10th "Prix Junior de l’immobilier et de la ville" sponsored by the Fondation Palladio during the SIMI Trade Fair at the Palais des Congrès Porte Maillot in Paris

© SIMI2017 / Plenary conference at the SIMI Trade Fair 2017, co-organised by the Fondation Palladio, on the theme of "Artificial Intelligence in our Ecosystems: A New Revolution".

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