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Forms of ownership of Altarea Cogedim shares

You can own Altarea shares in 2 different forms: As “registered” shares and in the form of “bearer” shares.

Bearer shares
Bearer share accounts will be held by you financial intermediary (stockbroker, bank or online brokerage firm) and are therefore unknown to Altarea Cogedim.

Registered shares
2 forms of registered ownership are available:
  • Pure registered form
    Your shares are only registered on the books of Altarea allowing us to provide you with a personalised service.
    Your shares are registered in an open share account at CACEIS Corporate Trust, the company which manages share services for Altarea Cogedim.

  • Managed registered shares
    Should you wish, your share portfolio can also be kept by your financial intermediary, who will undertake its management.
    Your shares will be registered on the books of Altarea Cogedim allowing us to identify you and get in touch with you directly (Shareholder’s Newsletter in paper format...).

There are financial benefits for you if you chose to register your shares directly:
  • No custody or management fees
  • Brokerage fees 0.3% ex. tax of the gross amount of the transaction*, no minimum fee
  • Payment of dividends via bank transfer

Who do I contact about my pure registered share management account?
CACEIS Corporate Trust
1 Place Valhubert
75013 Paris
01 57 78 00 00

*The transaction tax of 0.20% of the gross amount of the transaction, which is paid in full to the Public Treasury, is not concluded in this amount.

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