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Methods of holding Altarea Cogedim securities

You can hold Altarea securities in two different forms: the "registered" form and the "bearer" form.

Bearer securities
The bearer securities’ accounts are held by your financial intermediary (brokerage firm, bank or online broker) and consequently Altarea Cogedim is not aware of them.

Registered securities 
Registered securities may be held in two forms:
  • Managed registered shares
    If you so decide, your portfolio of shares may be kept by your financial intermediary who will manage it.
    However, your securities are registered in the Altarea accounts, which allows us to identify and establish direct contact with you (despatch of the printed version of the Shareholders’ Letter, etc.).

  • Pure registered form
    our shares are directly registered only in the Altarea accounts, which allows us to provide a customised service.
    Your shares are registered in a securities account opened with the CACEIS Corporate Trust, manager of the Altarea Cogedim securities department.

If you decide to register your shares as pure registered with CACEIS, you enjoy financial advantages:
  • Exemption from custody and management fees
  • Access free of charge to an OLIS website specific to registered shareholders, enabling information on your shares to be obtained and to place orders.
  • Brokerage costs of 0.3% exclusive of VAT, of the gross amount of the transaction*, with a minimum of EUR 10 exclusive of VAT, on all transactions made online via OLIS.
  • The dividend is paid directly to your account

Where do you go to have your pure registered account managed?
CACEIS Corporate Trust
Investor Relations Department
14 Rue Rouget de Lisle
01 57 78 34 44

*The transaction tax of 0.20% of the gross amount of the transaction, payable on purchases of securities, is entirely paid to the Treasury, and is not included in this percentage.

Contact for shareholders:
+33 1 44 95 51 42
+33 1 44 95 88 27
+33 6 83 28 04 15

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