Habitat et humanisme

Since 2007, Altarea Cogedim has been supporting the work of the not-for-profit organisation Habitat & Humanisme which endeavours to provide homes for the most needy, through an active partnership.

Founded in Lyon by Father Bernard Devert, the goal of Habitat et Humanisme is to enable single people and families looking for housing solutions to find a decent low-rent home in peaceful areas of conurbations, guiding them along the way to help them regain self-esteem, independence and reuniting them with the social world. In figures, the not-for-profit organisation represents:
  • 51 local not-for-profit-organisations
  • 12,000 families with new homes since 1985
  • 4,800 homes owned by the organisation or managed on behalf of the owners

A first three-year agreement that ended mid-2010 enabled the objectives set to be achieved:
  • two positions (property scout and a letting manager) financed between 2007 and 2010,
  • the contribution of equity to build three pensions de famille, an alternative form of accommodation for people experiencing problems finding a suitable home (Lyon, Clamart and Versailles) for people in difficulty seeking reintegration.
  • eleven general public awareness campaigns run in the Group’s shopping centres concerning the work of Habitat et Humanisme.

Altarea Cogedim provided an overall sum of €1.1m to help finance these different initiatives.

A second three-year agreement was signed in 2010, with the ambition of increasing the scale of the work already undertaken, within the framework of a patronage budget of €1.4m over three years.

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