High-rise buildings

The Group constructed the Manhattan, CBX, Opus 12 and Quai 33 towers. At the beginning of 2011 they completed the First tower, the highest in the Défense district, the largest HQE® project in France and the winner of several French and International awards.

Tour First / Paris La Défense

With a height of 231 metres the First tower is the highest in the Défense district and the largest HQE® project in France. Constructed on the foundations of the old Axa tower dating back to the 70s, the transformation to a Very Tall Building (VTB) required a great deal of technical prowess. It has attracted one of the largest international enterprises (Ernst & Young) and has been awarded numerous distinctions: the patronage of the President of the Republic due to its inclusion in the Greater Paris project, a MIPIM Award 2011, the Pierre d’Or 2011, as well as the Grand Prix national de l’ingénierie 2009.
  • 80,400 m²
  • Completion: February 2011


Tour CBX / Paris La Défense

Altarea Cogedim assisted the developer Tishman Speyer Properties in the design and construction of the CBX tower, from the feasibility study right through to construction work. The KPF architecture, the audacious positioning of the tower and the technical prowess demonstrated in its construction have made it one of the most spectacular buildings in La Défense. After completion in 2005 the CBX tower was renamed the Dexia tower.
  • 43,800 m²
  • Completion: 2005

Opus 12 / Paris La Défense

This project involved comprehensive reconstruction of the Crédit Lyonnais tower which stood on the Esplanade de La Défense (a VTB with 37,000 m² of floor space constructed in 1973).
Altarea Cogedim were appointed project managers by the owner, AXA REIM, and transformed the image of the tower bringing it up to the standards of the most recently-constructed buildings in the area and adding 5,000 m² of above-ground office space at the same time.
  • 34,000 m²
  • Completion: October 2014

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