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Internal controls and risk management

With the authority of the Management, the Secretary General coordinates internal control operations particularly covering the various subsidiaries. The Secretary General’s position is a full-time post (internal control supervisor) and he is assisted by three part-time people with internal control responsibilities (the general secretary, a legal officer and an executive assistant).

Their main tasks include:
  • Oversight of internal regulations and the efficiency of the special committees of the Supervisory Board.
  • Identification of the operational committees of Altarea and its subsidiaries.
  • Identifying, or assisting departments in the identification of risks.
  • Establishing, or assisting departments in the establishment of general and special procedures (corporate, employment, powers...)
  • Examine the operational rules of engagement, identify existing procedures and streamline them.

Contact for shareholders:
+33 1 44 95 50 86
+33 1 44 95 88 27
+33 6 83 28 04 15

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