Ivoire - Lyon (69)

Aim of the project
In the Gerland district, the IVOIRE (Ivory) building will be the outcome of a trilogy. After Ambre and Opale, it is the third and the last part of a 330 000 sf real estate development regrouping 3 office buildings.

Our solution
We aim to offer quality threw location, visibility, architecture and sustainability. With the IVOIRE building we propose work life quality in focusing on natural light, comfort and in offering a 10 000 sf private garden.

  • Site Adress: Rue du Pré-Gaudry îlot 16 Zac des Girondins 69007 Lyon - FRANCE
  • Program manager: Pierre Craye
  • Architect: Gautier et Conquet
  • Project manager: SNC Gerland 1
  • Marketers: Keops et JLL
  • Engineering and design offices: RBS, Auberger Favre, Artelia, CEEF, Avel Acoustique, Socotec, Voxoa, CEBTP, Tribu
  • Surface area: 7,664 sqm
  • Number of floors: G+8
  • Projected completion date: Late 2016
  • HQE® Certification NF HQE Bâtiments Tertiaires
Altarea Cogedim