Korus Servier - Suresnes (92)

Project goal
Korus Servier is the second and final development phase in the town-center district that is home to the historic Philips France site in Suresnes, near Paris.
It will eventually accommodate the new head office of Laboratoires Servier.

Our solution
Altarea Cogedim came up with an operation that would be certified to HQE® environment standards and blend in harmoniously with the urban environment, with features such as garden patios. The buildings are specially designed to meet the needs of future owners Laboratoires Servier, as regards decorated areas, layout, partitioning, access control, etc.) Altarea Cogedim is assisting Laboratoires Servier with all head office planning aspects, and will be delivering over 40,000 m² of fully fitted office space in June 2011.

  • Site Address :
    Building B : 46 à 66, rue Carnot, 31 à 47, rue de Verdun - 92150 Suresnes
    Buildings EF : 47 à 59, rue Carnot, 12 à 20, rue Gambetta - 92150 Suresnes
  • Program manager : Karine Zacharie -
  • Investor and user : Laboratoires Servier
  • Architects : Boisseson, Dumas, Vilmorin & Associés, Architecture & Environnement
  • Interior designer : Juan Trindade
  • Technical consultant and construction manager : SETEC Bâtiment
  • Broker : Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Areas :
    Building B: 21,400 m² built-up area
    Parking lot with 482 spaces
    Buildings EF: 19,100 m² built-up area
    Parking lot with 329 spaces
  • HQE® NF Bâtiments Tertiaires certified (environmental quality certification for commercial buildings)
  • Completion date : June 2011


Altarea Cogedim