Sustainable Development

The Due Torri, 100% geothermal

In Stezzano, between Milan and Bergamo, the Due Torri shopping center created and owned by Altarea Cogedim is innovative with respect to its construction processes, technical facilities and in the utilization of renewable energies.

This shopping center boasts excellent thermal inertia thanks to its shell made up of ventilated double front walls, resulting in natural cooling. Its bioclimatic architecture favors the effects of shadows cast on the southern- and western-facing glass walls. This sun-breaking effect allows the building to benefit from large glass panels that guarantee excellent natural lighting and comfort. The outdoor lighting of the front wall, using LED technology, leads to significant energy savings.

The center uses geothermal energy to a significant extent in a virtually unprecedented manner. The water table covers all heating, cooling and watering needs.
Altarea Cogedim