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Lille Métropole, IMMOCHAN and ALTAREA COGEDIM officially launch a commercial centre dedicated to home furnishings

19 November 2011
Lille Métropole, IMMOCHAN and ALTAREA COGEDIM are officially launching a major commercial centre which will be primarily dedicated to home furnishings and located at the site known as "du Petit Menin” located near the communities of Ferrain, Roncqand Tourcoing.

With a scope which is unique in the north of Paris, the project will cover around fifty hectares and will have 100,000 m² of overall floor space including 60,000 m² of retail space.

A project at the heart of the economic strategy of Lille Métropole
The Petit Menin retail project falls under the programme designed to provide 1000 ha of land for the development of activities and employment in the area. This project for a major commercial centre dedicated to the home furnishing sector also falls under the regional urbanisation scheme.

It is therefore perfectly consistent with the economic development strategy which Lille Métropole is launching with the Petit Menin joint development zone, and they have entrusted IMMOCHAN to find retailers which are essentially dedicated to home furnishings, particularly for the "Promenade de Flandre" complex which will be designed by Wilmotte architects and built by ALTAREA COGEDIM and IMMOCHAN.

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