Human resources

Corporate culture

Altarea Cogedim’s corporate culture is based on two cornerstones:

Responsibility of each employee
The men and women working at Altarea Cogedim represent the heart of our professional and personal development. Above all, they all share the same values: market intelligence and customer availability, responsibility, quest and demand for excellence. This creates a broadly shared entrepreneurial vision, encouraged by the founding directors. A capacity for initiative, encouraged creativity and a product- and result-based culture are the Group’s common denominators.

Sharing expertise and information
An affinity for the town in its every form is broadly shared and maintained. For example, an in-house conference cycle has been created to explain and valorize projects, experiences and methods developed within each pole of activity. All employees are associated with corporate life via a communication infrastructure that includes an intranet site providing information and services, a quarterly magazine and regular forums for exchange, in particular conventions.
Altarea Cogedim