Urban entrepreneur

The world is changing, uses are evolving. Our model offers a clear vision for meeting today’s challenges: we make the spaces of urban life a canvas for life experiences. This is what drives our commitment to serving our stakeholders, our customers and our partners. The strength of our integrated model rests on our expertise in the three core business lines in the field of real estate sector -
residential, offices and retail. The links between the three, which we are the only company to master, are key to the success of the large mixed-use urban projects we are developing.

They underpin the excellence of our projects and give us the agility and boldness we need to anticipate the needs and expectations and create urban value for all.
Architectural value to offer residents harmonious cities.
Practical value to offer users functional and flexible programs.
Commercial value to enable retailers to capitalise on attractive spaces.
Economic value to guarantee investors that each project will be profitable.

A major comprehensive player of cities, Altarea Cogedim today ranks as the leader in property development in French regions.

« Urban entrepreneurship means maximising the creation of urban value for communities, people, users, businesses and investors. »
Alain Taravella Chairman and founder of Altarea Cogedim
Altarea Cogedim