Noémie le Maux, Deputy Manager of Cap 3000 in charge of marketing

How do you use mobiletechnology to enhance customer relations at Cap 3000?
We launched a Cap 3000 iPhone application, soon to be extended to Androïd smartphones, that met with immediate success. Participating customers are offered advanced access to promotions and news as well as exclusive access to contests. A gift card will be added to these benefits. To stay as close as possible to our customers, we use all new communication tools: website with a blog, Facebook, Twitter, e-newsletters and soon interactive terminals. We are currently exploring the use of position determination technologies or PDT so that consumers online can receive targeted offers during visits to the shopping center according to their profile.

How does interactivity contribute to customer wellbeing?
It simplifies life by putting everything at consumers’ fingertips. PDT also makes it possible for them to find their car if they forget where it was parked. Along with interactive technology there is also physical interactivity. We have created a play area based on the model of a day care center where children can be left for two hours on Wednesdays, Saturdays, school vacation periods and holidays. Another example is during sale periods when we propose free massages and a dressing room. These different services contribute to a truly relaxing shopping experience.

What is your day-to-dayrole on this project?
I remain attentive to technological innovations developed in other sectors and seek to imagine how they may be adapted to a shopping center, constantly keeping in mind the ways that shoppers wish us to communicate with them. Creating new tools is effective only if they work correctly every day. Using technology to render the site more vibrant requires constantly raising retailers’ awareness about these new tools.
Altarea Cogedim