Sustainable Development

Our approach to progress

Initiated in 2010, the Altagreen progress approach helps Altarea Cogedim group improve in all of its business lines, establish priorities and areas of focus in terms of environmental, social and societal policy, develop reliable measurement tools and set out concrete action plans for continued progress.

As of 2009, the Grenelle Environment Round Table defined the initial set of objectives to meet the challenges of tomorrow. For Altarea Cogedim, the impact is three-fold:
  • For its property development business, all new constructions must comply with a French thermal regulation (RT 2012) instituting universal application of BBC (Bâtiment Basse Consommation) energy performance levels.
  • For its property investment business, the Group encourages monitoring and significant improvement of energy consumption for existing property assets.
  • The group as a whole must comply with article 225 instituting enhanced non-financial transparency for listed companies.

In this context, in 2009 the Group created a dedicated department responsible for giving concrete expression to Altarea Cogedim’s sustainable development approach. To initiate this process, 12 working groups were formed around the company’s different businesses and specific concerns: optimization of existing assets, renewable energies, office, retail and residential property with high environmental potential, technology watch, green leases, corporate sponsorship, management of human capital, etc. The Group continued to focus on all of these areas in 2012, thus officializing its progress approach, called Altagreen.
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