Our convictions

Engagés au service de la ville, de nos clients et de nos talents

To meet the challenges of today and tomorrow and be a driving force for progress for cities and those who live in them, Altarea Cogedim has developed a business model based on three convictions:
  • customers must be supported, based on a genuine focus on people and maintaining an ongoing dialogue;
  • cities need partners, for collective thinking on the liveable and sustainable city of tomorrow;
  • talent must be developed, as a company’s first source of capital, to embody its convictions and achieve its objectives.

These convictions also constitute the core of the Group’s CSR approach, “Tous engagés !”, recast in 2016 and rolled out in all activities and business lines.

1. Act to ensure our customers’ satisfaction

Technological, societal and environmental challenges are radically changing our customers’ view of property. Whether they are companies, local authorities, individual purchasers or consumers, Altarea Cogedim understands and anticipates their needs. In all activities, their satisfaction is our goal of excellence. Altarea Cogedim takes the time to listen attentively, calling on surveys and studies, social interaction, both face to face or digital and virtual formats, or simply quality of service.

A customer centric state of mind

For all projects conducted by Altarea Cogedim, whatever the business, customer satisfaction leads the Group’s actions. Altarea Cogedim opts for a corporate culture that enhances and deepens its approach to property while integrating the new expectations of increasingly well-informed consumers.

Offer customers a unique experience

Property is a perpetually unfolding story: Altarea Cogedim transforms each of its projects in each of its business lines. Shopping act is becoming experiential, cultural, connected; large mixed-use projects draw on virtual reality and neighborhood applications; work environments must be conducive to collaborative approaches and well-being for companies. Altarea Cogedim anticipates trends of this nature and offers unique, bold and innovative solutions

2. Support city development

Altarea Cogedim has assumed a leading role in helping cities address the regional, ecological, societal and technological transitions facing them today. By anticipating change, updating its vision of the city of tomorrow, ensuring that everyone benefits from the power of innovation, and reinventing its businesses, the Group believes that its growth can be consistent with the principles of corporate social responsibility, and that its developments can serve the public interest.

Contribute significantly to local economic development

The Group firmly believes that proximity to communities is a challenge for itself and the regions concerned. As a general-interest partner, Altarea Cogedim works as closely as possible with its customers to adapt its projects, in that way guaranteeing their smooth running and value for society, serving the revitalisation of local economic fabric and sustainable regional attractiveness.

Develop sustainable buildings to guarantee sustainable cities

The building sector is a major player in the energy and ecological transition, which is why Altarea Cogedim is committed to playing an exemplary role in sustainable building. In addition to its certification process, the Group is actively working on adapting tomorrow’s property developments, carrying out monitoring and forward-looking work and by setting ambitious targets to reduce its carbon footprint. As a signatory of the Paris Climate Action Charter, Altarea Cogedim is actively involved in the fight against climate change.

Imagine major partnerships for a more inclusive and mutually supportive city

Altarea Cogedim works for cities and their residents. Its societal commitment its into a broader strategic vision. As the largest owner developer in French regions, the Group wants to contribute, alongside public players, residents, employees and all stakeholders to the revitalisation of its host regions. As part of its CSR policy, the Group’s corporate philanthropy is based on three fundamental principles: support for artistic creation, subjects related to development, transmission, education and social initiatives.

3. Supporting the operational excellence of our talents

To support its growth and rise to new urban challenges, the Group reaffirmed its commitment to job creation and the management of talent and skills in 2017. Over the year, the Group’s workforce grew by 14%, from 1,546 to 1,742. This reflects strong business, but it is also the result of a new talent attraction policy based on the choice of offering candidates a unique collaborative experience in a group with strong values and innovative projects.

Employee integration, training an mobility

To support and ensure its growth, Altarea Cogedim has made integration central to its HR approach, to help everyone appropriate the Group’s model, its values, its projects, its specificities and the professional constraints associated with its sector.

Corporate culture

As the Group grows, it is essential for it to spread a shared culture to enable employees to find their place within the company and have the resources to support their professional and personal development. With this in mind, Altarea Cogedim has decided give its employees a major role in its performance.
Altarea Cogedim