Centre Commercial Les Hunaudières Ruaudin - Le Mans Sud

Altarea Cogedim is extending the Family Village Les Hunaudières to a shopping center of 35,000 SQM extra net floor area. The program includes an Auchan superstore, 9 medium-sized stores, 50 shops and 5 restaurants.

Theme Extension on east side of the existing Family Village, with the same atmosphere and the similar design.

Catchment area : 350,000 inhabitants
Surface area : 35,000 sqm of GLA
Parking : 1,400 spaces
Opening : 2013
Contacts :
Audrey Favre afavre@altareacogedim.com
Philippe Grisot pgrisot@altareacogedim.com
Valérie Bruneau vbruneau@altareacogedim.com
Family Village Les Hunaudières Ruaudin / Le Mans