Ranked as the eighth-largest shopping centre in France, CAP 3000 is a “core” shopping centre that is currently one of the largest in France. Its location at Saint-Laurent du Var on the outskirts of Nice, France’s fifth-largest city, gives this centre strong appeal, attracting shoppers from the principal towns and cities along the Côte d’Azur. Lying at the heart of a major catchment area, CAP 3000 benefits from first-class connections and is firmly anchored in the local retail landscape. The asset lies on the Plaine du Var, a very large urban redevelopment that has been classifed as an operation of national interest (Opération d’Intérêt National). It boasts substantial potential for extensions to its sales space.

Since it opened, CAP 3000 has attracted a high level of footfall owing to the presence of Galeries Lafayette and Lafayette Gourmet, as well as high-quality national and international chains.

Catchment area : 1,1 million inhabitants
Surface area : 85,000 sqm of GLA
Parking : 3,000 spaces
159 shops / 7 medium sized stores / 15 restaurants
Opening : 1969
Acquisition : 2010
Cap3000 Saint-Laurent-du-Var