Located on Place Kleber, in exceptional surroundings, L’Aubette is a landmark of twentieth-century art and listed as an historic monument. Decorated in 1928 by artists such as Jean Arp, Sophie Taeuber and Theo van Doesburg, a disciple of Mondrian, the building was defined at the time as the “Sistine Chapel of Modern Art”. Drawing on its experience from Bercy Village, Altarea is bringing this historic site back to life by creating a cultural, tourist and shopping complex dedicated to today’s way of life. It comprises : a commercial aera, with small stores, medium-sized retail spaces and restaurants divided between two buildings connected by a covered glass walkway and a three-star tourist residence.

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Directeur : Carol Escudero
Département : 67
Architecte : Reichen et Robert
Catchment area : 560 000 habitants
Surface area : 5 900 m² of GLA and 2 750 m² for a residence of tourism
Parking : 465 spaces
Opening : 2008
Contact commercialisation :
Jérôme L’Hermitte
Cihame Abda
L’Aubette Strasbourg