TOULON : La Valette

Located in one of France’s most powerful commercial zones, Toulon-La Valette shopping open air center will have a net fl oor area of 51,000 SQM with 2 anchors tenants, twelve medium-sized stores, 70 shops and kiosks and 5000 sqm of restaurants with external terraces. The project is designed by architect, town-planner and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte.


Theme : Household and personal goods, sport, culture, leisure.
Architect : Jean-Michel Wilmotte
Commercial Program : 12 Large and medium-sized specialized retail spaces - 70 shops – 25 restaurants - Cinema (16 rooms)
Immediate environment : Grand Var regional centre, Ikea, Leroy Merlin
Catchment area : 700,000 inhabitants
Parking : 1,500 spaces
Surface area : 51,000 sqm of GLA
Previsional opening: 2015
Contact commercialisation :
Medium-sized specialized retail spaces: Kahina Drici
Shops: Stéphanie Lacour
Restaurants: Valérie Bruneau [>
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