TOULOUSE : Espace St Georges

The Saint-Georges shopping centre forms part of a real estate complex comprising a number of residential and office buildings centred around Place Occitane, with three levels of public and private parking. The renovation of the district has concerned three components: landscaping of Place Occitane (City of Toulouse), renovation of the shopping centre (Altarea) and renovation of the Saint-Georges car park (Vinci Park). For the shopping centre, the main challenge has been making Saint-Georges into a welcoming place for customers and an attractive shopping destination in keeping with the centre of Toulouse.

Adress : 51 bis rue du Rempart Saint Etienne . 31000 Toulouse
Phone :
Director : Eric Boucher
Catchment area : 620,000 inhabitants
Surface area :14,500 sqm of GLA
Parking : 1,200 spaces
Opening : 1978
Restructuring: 2005-2006
Contact commercialisation :
Jérome L’Hermitte
Virginie Lainé
Séverine Rubin
Espace Saint-Georges