VILLEPARISIS : Les Portes de Villeparisis

This center was developed by Altarea. It is situated in a major axe of the outskirts of Paris, at the hub of la Francilienne and the RN3, between Paris and Meaux. It has a direct access from the Francilienne. This zone is dedicated to domestic equipment with furniture shops and hardware shops including Alinéa with 8.000 sqm GLA. The range of restaurants is very important and answering customer’s specifi c needs. Customers are mostly employees and people living around the area.

Téléphone :
Département : 77
Directeur : Anne Garance Marziou
Architecte : Eurogip
Thème : Maison - Loisirs
Zone de chalandise : 705 000 habitants
Surface : 33 100 m² dont Q/P patrimoniale 18 623 m² GLA
Places de stationnement : 1 200
Ouverture : 2006
Contact commercialisation :
Lilian Etcheberry
Catherine Bismuth
Les Portes d’Ambrésis Villeparisis