STEZZANO : Le Due Torri

The new shopping centre is located in Stezzano highway from Milan to Venezia in a major business district with one of the highest urban densities in the Lombard region. With a total area of 42,000 sqm, the centre is on two levels. The highlight is a large central square on the ground floor for events and shows and as a meeting place for the public. The first floor is dominated by the presence of a wide variety of specialist food and leisure facilities.


Catchment area : 883,000 inhabitants
Surface area: 42,000 sqm of GLA
100 shops / 11 medium sized stores / 15 restaurants
Parking: 2,400 spaces
Opening: 2009
Extension: 2018
1 cinema 7 rooms / 4 medium sized stores / 6 restaurants
Le Due Torri Stezzano