GENES : Ponte Parodi

At the Port of Genoa, Ponte Parodi is a unique development of nearly 40,000 sqm, offering shops and leisure facilities. The development is based on three main themes: travel and discovery, well-being and free time. Ponte Parodi’s architecture will make it a symbol of Mediterranean life.

Commercial Program In constant evolution, the centre presents: 7 medium-sized retail spaces (13,100 sqm of GLA) - 60 shops (8,100 sqm of GLA) - 14 restaurants (14,000 sqm of GLA with 3,500 sqm of GL-Leisure)  

Catchment area : 1,000,000 inhabitants
Surface area : 38,700 sqm of GLA
Parking : 1,000 spaces
Opening : 2017/2018
Contact :
Ponte Parodi Gênes