15/11/2019 CAP3000 50 years on ... An enhanced offering 17/10/2019 Altarea Cogedim successfully issues a rated €500M bond 01/08/2019 2019 Half-year results 16/07/2019 Woodeum Residentiel and Altarea Cogedim join forces to expand large-scale-low-carbon residential (...) 01/07/2019 Dividend voted by Altarea 2019 anual general meeting : Sucessful for payment in shares 04/06/2019 Appointment of Jacques Ehrmann as General Manager of Altarea Cogedim 09/05/2019 First quarter 2019 revenue - Q1 2019 Revenue and business activity 22/02/2019 Altarea Cogedim bid named as winner for the acquisition of retail and advertising spaces at 5 italian (...) 09/01/2019 Altarea Cogedim presenting Easy Village, a new urban services product at the Las Vegas CES (...) 07/01/2019 Altarea Cogedim finalises the acquisition of property developer Severini 12/12/2018 Altarea Cogedim, Baluchon and Crédit Coopératif are creating "SoCo", retail social solidarity reit company (...) 06/12/2018 Altarea Cogedim presents the future of office space at the SIMI Trade Show 2018 13/11/2018 Altarea Cogedim enters into exclusive negotiations to acquire the property developer, (...) 13/11/2018 Altarea Cogedim highlights its commercial property achievements and successes at MAPIC (...) 19/10/2018 Cogedim receives the 2019 award for Best Customer Service in the Property Development (...) 16/10/2018 Revenue for the first 9 months of 2018 up 20% 10/10/2018 Altarea Cogedim announces the off-plan sale to CNP Assurances of its future headquarters located at Rue (...) 03/10/2018 Altarea Cogedim and Orange lay the foundation stone for the "Bridge’, the future Orange headquarters in (...) 12/09/2018 Ranked top french listed real estate company by GRESB 2018, Altarea Cogedim retains its "Green Star" (...) 20/08/2018 Change in shareholders structure at Semmaris, the Rungis Market management company 26/07/2018 Half-year business review 04/07/2018 Sale of the KOSMO office building (Neuilly-sur-Seine) by Altarea Cogedim 26/06/2018 Inaugural €350 million bond issue with a 7 year maturity for Altareit 06/06/2018 After assigning to Altarea Cogedim Group a ‘BBB’ rating, S&P also assigns to its listed subsidiary (...) 05/06/2018 S&P Global assigns Altarea Cogedim Group a ‘BBB’ investment grade rating, outlook (...) 31/05/2018 Euro Disney chooses Altarea Cogedim for the development of a new neighbourhood in Val (...) 28/05/2018 First success for the marketing of Paris-Montparnasse railway station 28/05/2018 Appointment of Adrien Blanc as Chairman of Altarea Cogedim Entreprise 14/05/2018 First Quarter 2018 revenue 13/03/2018 Altarea Cogedim leverages its expertise to support regional economic development 05/03/2018 Press release & Business review – 2017 annual results 05/03/2018 Altarea Cogedim receives the GRESB-BREEAM award for its CSR strategy 05/02/2018 Stéphane Theuriau leaves Altarea Cogedim 16/01/2018 Development of Guillaumet site (former CEAT) in Toulouse to be led by Altarea Cogedim & Crédit (...) 13/11/2017 Third Quarter 2017 revenue 08/11/2017 Altarea Cogedim wins the Ferney Geneva mixed development zone (ZAC) competition to create a (...) 27/10/2017 Immochan acquires the Promenade de Flandre retail park, the 1st cross border shopping center between (...) 23/10/2017 Parfums Christian Dior chooses Altarea Cogedim’s Kosmo for its future headquarters 18/10/2017 Altarea Cogedim, the city of Massy, Credit Agricole Assurance and Paris Sud Aménagement inaugurate the (...) 11/09/2017 Altarea Cogedim is ranked No. 1 out of all listed companies worldwide 04/09/2017 Orange selects the Altarea Cogedim and Crédit Agricol Assurances "Bridge" project as the location of its (...) 03/08/2017 Altarea Cogedim sells the L’Aubette shopping centre in Strasbourg 27/07/2017 2017 Half-year results 29/06/2017 Success of the inaugural €500m 7-year bond issue 20/06/2017 Altarea Cogedim responds to new consumption patterns with innovative projects 02/06/2017 Ludovic Castillo, appointed Chairman of the Management Board of Altarea Commerce 10/05/2017 Q1 2017 revenue: €405.1 million (+26.1%) 15/03/2017 Altarea Cogedim and Goldman Sachs unveil Landscape, the new identity of the Tours Pascal in Paris-La (...) 22/02/2017 Annual results 2016 : Recurring net result (FFO): €192 m (+19%) 23/01/2017 Appointments : Strengthening of corporate functions of the Altarea Cogedim group 15/11/2016 MAPIC 2016: Altarea Cogedim presents an expanding commercial real estate portfolio 14/11/2016 Altarea Cogedim named the only developer-investor of the new over 100,000 sq.m. development in downtown (...) 09/11/2016 9M 2016, 2016: €1,104 million (+24.9%) 27/10/2016 Signature of a memorandum of understanding for the development of the new town centre of Bobigny, a (...) 27/10/2016 CDP 2016: Altarea Cogedim recognised for continuing its carbon reduction strategy 23/09/2016 Altarea Cogedim opens the renovated Cap3000 regional shopping centre 07/09/2016 Altarea Cogedim, number 1 worldwide REIT for its CSR performance 18/07/2016 2016 Half-year results : Strong increase in recurring income (FFO): +15.3% 16/06/2016 Altarea Cogedim named as developer/investor for the "Issy Cœur de Ville" 100,000 sqm city center project (...) 13/06/2016 Success of the €210 million share capital increase, taking to €369 million the total amount of equity (...) 10/06/2016 SIEC 2016 : Altarea Cogedim presents its flagship projects and supports Open Innovation in commercial (...) 09/06/2016 Official opening of the Calypso office building and the Golden Tulip Marseille Euromed (...) 07/06/2016 Altarea Cogedim launches a share capital increase of €210 million, increasing to €369 million the total (...) 25/04/2016 Q1 2016 revenue: €321 million (+16.2%) 17/03/2016 Commercial real estate : Altarea Cogedim uses its expertise to promote the economic development of (...) 09/03/2016 2015 Annual results 26/02/2016 Completion of the combination between Altarea Cogedim and Pitch Promotion 27/01/2016 Caisse des Dépôts acquires « Austerlitz » from AltaFund 04/01/2016 Altarea Cogedim announces completion of full disposal of Rue du Commerce shares to (...) 18/11/2015 Development and innovation: Altarea Cogedim showcases 490,000m² of retail initiatives 16/11/2015 Altarea Cogedim in exclusive negociations for Pitch Promotion 28/10/2015 2015 9-month revenue: €884.2 million (+24.4%) : Strong growth momentum 30/07/2015 2015 Half-year results – Press release & Business review 16/06/2015 Altarea Cogedim presents its new retail developments at SIEC 2015 (stand B4) 12/05/2015 Altafund and Goldman Sachs join forces to acquire the Pascal Towers in Paris-La Défense (...) 06/05/2015 Altarea Cogedim has sold four shopping centres in Italy 16/04/2015 Q1 2015 revenue and business activity increase in all sectors 20/03/2015 Altarea Cogedim now owns 100% of QWARTZ France’s 1st connected regional shopping center 17/03/2015 Altarea Cogedim Entreprise : Exceptional projects in the heart of greater Paris 04/03/2015 2014 Annual results 18/11/2014 Altarea Cogedim at to present its Cap3000 extension-renovation initiative and new projects under (...) 05/09/2014 GRESB recognizes Altarea Cogedim’s sustainable development performance 31/07/2014 2014 Half-year results 24/06/2014 First Stone Laid of the Golden Tulip Hotel in Euromed Center 17/06/2014 Altarea Cogedim at SIEC 2014 (stand D7): Strengthening development of the Retail business 05/06/2014 Askia’s foundation stone is laid: Coeurd’Orly’s first office building 02/06/2014 Altarea Cogedim aquires a majority interest in Histoire & Patrimoine, extending its expertise to (...) 09/04/2014 Altarea Cogedim and Orion Capital Managers inaugurate QWARTZ, the first connected regional shopping (...) 20/03/2014 Altarea Cogedim winds a MIPIM award for the Hotel-Dieu redevelopment project in Marseille 11/03/2014 A new growth cycle for Altarea Cogedim Entreprise 06/03/2014 2013 annual results 06/03/2014 Crédit Agricole Assurances invests alongside Altarea Cogedim in the development and management of (...) 06/03/2014 Crédit Agricole Assurances acquires nearly 400 new residential properties from Altarea (...) 20/02/2014 The QWARTZ regional shopping center opening april 9 confirms successful marketing 05/12/2013 SIMI 2013: With resounding success in turnkey developments for users, Altarea Cogedim Entreprise (...) 03/12/2013 Agreement between Altarea Cogedim and Allianz Real Estate to establish a long-term partnership on "core" (...) 27/11/2013 The launch of Cœur d’Orly : Construction work has started on Askia, the first office (...) 13/11/2013 Altarea Cogedim, the leading multi-channel property company, develops 90% of its projects in the Paris (...) 13/11/2013 Qwartz: the future Hauts-de-Seine regional shopping center set to open in early april 12/11/2013 "Welcome to the first digital shopping center." 02/08/2013 ALTAFUND builds its first office building in the Paris-Rive Gauche urban development (...) 31/07/2013 2013 Half-year results 20/06/2013 SIEC 2013: Altarea Cogedim offers the full shopping experience 25/04/2013 New page in the history of Marseille : The InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu opens its (...) 21/03/2013 Primonial Reim acquires the OKABE business center in Kremlin-Bicêtre developed by Altarea (...) 13/03/2013 Altarea Cogedim at MIPIM 2013 (Stand 30.32) 13/03/2013 Altarea Cogedim signs an off-plan agreement with Assurances du Crédit Mutuel for the head-office of (...) 27/02/2013 2012 Annual Results 15/01/2013 New organization of Altarea Cogedim’s Retail division: Albert Malaquin is appointed Chairman and CEO of (...) 07/01/2013 Altarea Cogedim increases and diversifies its financing with the issuance of 250 million euro (...) 07/12/2012 SIMI 2012: Altarea Cogedim at the center of discussions on designing models for tomorrow’s professional (...) 04/12/2012 Altarea Cogedim and launch innovative “shopping walls” in rail stations 14/11/2012 Altarea Cogedim at MAPIC 2012 13/11/2012 Q3 2012 Revenues and business performance 02/08/2012 2012 Half-year results 27/07/2012 AltaFund closes on its first acquisition Boulevard Raspail, on the Left Bank in Paris’ 6th (...) 28/06/2012 Cap 3000 welcomes a new 32,000-ft² (3,000-m²) mall and opens 12 retail shops 27/06/2012 2012 Novethic Ranking: Altarea Cogedim ranks among the top three property investors and developers, (...) 20/06/2012 Successful dividend payment in shares Altarea strengthens its equity base by €69 M 15/06/2012 Altarea Cogedim: the leading multichannel property company at SIEC 2012 07/06/2012 Altarea Cogedim to build Atlantis Grand Ouest, Massy’s (91) new urban hub 10/05/2012 The rejuvenation of Bercy Village: Bercy Village celebrates its 10th birthday 03/05/2012 First quarter 2012 revenues : Solid performance for all business lines 19/04/2012 Altarea Cogedim sells 2 retail assets for a total of EUR 82.M to Ciloger 12/04/2012 Crédit Agricole Immobilier and Altarea Cogedim sign real estate development contracts with Predica and (...) 06/04/2012 Tourcoing assesses the city’s situation one year after the inauguration of its new downtown (...) 04/04/2012 Jean Hameau Eco-Neighborhood: Working together to build a new neighborhood 05/03/2012 2011 annual results : performance through innovation 05/03/2012 ALTAREA COGEDIM ENTREPRISE to work with GE CAPITAL REAL ESTATE for renovation of a property on Rue des (...) 28/02/2012 Launch of the Costieres Sud Family Village in Nîmes 21/02/2012 Altarea Cogedim is building Mercedes-Benz France’s future corporate campus 07/02/2012 Altarea Cogedim sells the shopping center “La Cour des Capucins" in thionville 31/01/2012 Altarea Cogedim delivers the first tertiary sector building in Paris with the BBC® label, guaranteed (...) 27/01/2012 Altarea Cogedim’s friendly takeover bid for RueduCommerce is a clear success and increases Altarea (...) 18/01/2012 Icade and Altarea Cogedim sell a 12,400m2 office building in Lyon Gerland to Foncière Investissement, a (...) 19/12/2011 Lille Métropole, IMMOCHAN and ALTAREA COGEDIM officially launch a commercial centre dedicated to home (...) 06/12/2011 Altarea Cogedim wins the Grand Prix SIMI 2011 for the restructuring of the First tower 25/11/2011 ALTAREA COGEDIM RAISES €600 MILLION FOR ITS OFFICE PROPERTY INVESTMENT VEHICLE 16/11/2011 Altarea Cogedim at MAPIC 2011 (Stand 20.02, level 01): Continuation of the retail strategy (...) 07/11/2011 Q3 2011 Revenues and business performance : 9 months revenues up +27.5% 27/10/2011 Altarea Cogedim expands its online presence : launch of a takeover bid for RueduCommerce, a leading (...) 27/09/2011 Altarea Cogedim has already pre-let 50% of the regional shopping centre (92) in Villeneuve-la-Garenne 27/09/2011 Altarea Cogedim signs 20 leases with the Vivarte Group 21/09/2011 Cogedim continuing with its development work in Villeurbanne, Cogedim Grand Lyon is proud to present le (...) 23/08/2011 Inauguration of the Cour des Capucins shopping center 29/07/2011 2011 Firts-half results 12/07/2011 1st half of 2011: Housing Outlook and Strategy 11/07/2011 Icade and Altarea Cogedim are selling 12,300m² of office space, in Lyon Gerland 05/07/2011 Novethic 2011 Survey : Altarea Cogedim rewarded for its eco-performance reporting 27/06/2011 La Cour des Capucins shopping center will open in Thionville on 24th August 2011 23/06/2011 Altarea eligible for DSS "Long-Only" 15/06/2011 Altarea Cogedim continues to pursue expansion in southeast France with a new retail Park of 28,500 SQM in (...) 09/06/2011 Altarea Cogedim at the SIEC 2011 retail real estate event (Stand D1): controlled development for Altarea (...) 01/06/2011 Altarea Cogedim sells a retail property in Crêches-sur-Saône for €20.7 million 26/05/2011 Altarea Cogedim Entreprise wins contract to refurbish the Chartis tower at La Défense. 19/05/2011 Prix Cogedim de la Première OEuvre 2011 awarded to Alban Morinière 11/05/2011 Q1 2011 Revenues and business performance 05/05/2011 Opening of First tower 03/05/2011 Altarea Cogedim and Orion lay the first tone of the Villeneuve-la-Garenne regional shopping (...) 13/04/2011 Cogedim wins five Pyramide d’Argent 07/04/2011 Altarea Cogedim presents the extension plan for family village les hunaudieres in Ruaudin (...) 07/04/2011 Opening of the Espace Saint-Christophe shopping centre in Tourcoing 15/03/2011 Altarea Cogedim wins a 2011 MIPIM Award 07/03/2011 2010 annual results : A value-generating business model, robust fundamentals 01/03/2011 Altarea Cogedim bolsters its investment capacity in office property 17/11/2010 Altarea Cogedim at MAPIC 2010 08/11/2010 9M 2010 REVENUES AND BUSINESS ACTIVITY 30/06/2010 BUSINESS REVIEW First half 2010 12/05/2010 REVENUES AND BUSINESS PERFORMANCE FOR THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2010 07/05/2010 Acquisition of Cap 3000 regional shopping centre 15/02/2010 2009 REVENUES AND BUSINESS PERFORMANCE 30/10/2009 Issy-les-Moulineaux: Suitehotel, one of the first hotels with "Haute Qualité Environnementale" (...) 27/10/2009 First stone laid for the Servier head office 26/10/2009 Cogedim launches Les Jardins de Navarre, a new "Domaine Privé" development in Charenton-le-Pont 19/10/2009 Promenade Sisley Suresnes 14/10/2009 La Cour des Capucins, Thionville 24/09/2009 Pyramide d’Argent award in Lyon for Le Bassin d’Helios 19/07/2009 Altarea Cogedim obtains Certivea certification 15/07/2009 Icade and Altarea Cogedim sign agreement to sell Landy 2 06/07/2009 National Engineering Prize for Tour First. 03/06/2009 Altarea Cogedim obtains Certivea certification 19/04/2009 Oxygène wins Pyramide d’Argent aesthetic building award
Altarea Cogedim