The Group’s expertise in head office space has been translated into made-to-measure solutions.

La Française / Paris

In collaboration with architect Franklin Azzi, Altarea Cogedim has designed a building to the highest environmental standards. It is HQE® and BREEAM® certified, both agencies rating it as ‘Excellent’, and has been awarded the BBC-Effinergie Rénovation label. The original reflective facade has been replaced by a more transparent skin and the external space has been refurbished to identify clearly and bigger the entrance to the building while maintaining a sense of intimacy in the workplaces located on the ground floor. Lastly, the layout of the floors, which are very functional and bright, has been preserved.
  • 10,330 m²
  • 224 parking spaces
  • Completion: November 2015

Safran / Toulouse Blagnac

We responded to Safran’s needs by designing a state-of-the-art, flexible and future-proof building - a business tool tailored to their specific requirements and intended to provide the best possible working environment for 1,400 of their employees. The aim of the project was to affirm the Safran Group’s position as a major player in the aeronautics industry, while projecting an image of technological excellence.
  • 25,000 m²
  • 834 parking spaces
  • Completion: January 2016

Mercedes Benz France/ Montigny le Bretonneux

In partnership with CFC Développement, Altarea Cogedim has been selected to develop the first Mercedes-Benz campus in France: the StarCenter. This new building complex meets international standards for office buildings, requirements in terms of efficiency and flexibility for heavy users, and the requirements for obtaining HQE® and BREEAM® certification and the BBC-Effinergie® label.
  • 18,300 m²
  • 750 parking spaces
  • Completion: January 2014

Assurance Mutuelle des Motards Mezzo / Montpellier

The historic headquarters of Assurance Mutuelle des Motards in Montpellier is an ageing site that is no longer suitable for the company’s growing needs. Following a competition to select a developer, Altarea Cogedim was appointed to build the new Mutuelle des Motards headquarters in the Montpellier Airport urban development zone.
  • 9,000 m²
  • 150 parking spaces
  • Completion: October 2015

CAPGEMINI/ Lyon Gerland

Located in the Gerland area, Ivoire represents the final instalment in a trilogy of new buildings. After Ambre and Opale, it is the last part of a project comprising three buildings and a total surface area of around 33,000 m². Ivoire’s bright, comfortable design and 1,000-m² private garden serve to create a fantastic working environment. This innovative 7,660 m² building has been leased in its entirety to Capgemini, and will house all their teams in Lyon when it is completed in 2017.
  • 18,300 m²
  • 750 parking spaces
  • Completion: Q1 2017

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