Reinventing an agile model for the future

Shopping centres are a model acclaimed by consumers. However, this model must evolve into a multifaceted form of retail, in line with new behaviour. The Group is developing a location and product strategy which more specifically targets metropolises with potential.

Our market analysis
  • Mature market overall
  • Shopping centre format changing (leisure, living environment)
  • Impact of digitalisation on consumption methods
  • Development of service offerings associated with mobility (travel retail)

Our strengths
  • Digital eco-system means we know our customers better to better meet their needs
  • Capacity to offer guarantees: support until start of operations, long term ownership of real-estate assets
  • Team of developers and asset managers for optimize asset management
  • Recognized product expertise

Our product lines

Today, the Group has 41 estate centres with an average value of €110 million.
Premium regional assets. The Group develops and manages large regional shopping centres (QWARTZ, Cap3000, Espace Gramont, etc.).
  • Shopping and leisure. Shopping centre projects combining retail and leisure are an original model, more than ever in line with the aspirations of society.
  • Travel retail. Altarea Cogedim designs projects to transform stations into real living environments, for travellers as well as for local residents.
  • Retail Parks. This concept provides original retail spaces with a strong environmental component, carefully detailed architecture and a mass market qualitative offering.
  • AltaProximité. Perfect illustration of the added value of the Group, AltaProximité develops convenience retail operations to meet the needs of city centres and offer premises for “new” retailers.
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« To achieve our REIT objectives, we will rely on our specialist skills: mixing asset optimisation and longterm investments. »
Ludovic CASTILLO, CEO, Altarea Commerce

Altarea Cogedim