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Companies increasingly want to take up residence in city centres, and allow their employees to enjoy a qualitative environment with an ever-wider choice of amenities. Companies attract and retain talent by being increasingly connected, ever attentive to their employees’ wellbeing and reinventing themselves. In greenfield development and redevelopment alike, today’s office buildings promise links with their cities and their commercial spaces. Whether acting as a developer, investor or service provider, Altarea Cogedim anticipates the expectations of companies and their employees by proposing tailor-made projects, flexible, scalable, accessible and modular offices, mirroring the company’s culture. Altarea Cogedim offers them office buildings seen as assets: they constitute tangible and intangible capital, guaranteeing that users will be able to attract and retain key talents, and their businesses can look forward to sustainable growth. The property “product” is currently a real accelerator for companies.

Our product lines

In the corporate property market, Altarea Cogedim creates or redevelops office buildings to meet new expectations and new ways of working. They guide complex design and revolve around four main themes:

Ambitious architecture serving well-being: the Group is uncompromising on its architectural requirements. Its programmes accordingly modulate materials, natural light, interior and exterior spaces and volumes to offer the richest working experience;

Modular and adaptable volumes meeting the expectations of employee users and adepts of new work concepts (co-working, telecommuting, collaborative work);

Innovation is given pride of place, above all by taking into account the issues of sustainable development and reducing energy consumption;

Projects open to the city favouring a friendly environment and offering comprehensive services within its buildings coupled with an alternative offers in the surrounding area (restaurants, shops, services, public spaces).

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« Newbuild or redeveloped, office buildings are a great working tool for the company. They meet a fundamental need in terms of image, business performance and the comfort offered to employees. »
Jean-Frédéric HEINRY, General Manager, Office Property France at Altarea Cogedim Entreprise

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