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The Supervisory Board and the specialised committees

The Supervisory Board

This is made up of representatives of the Founding Group, major shareholders and other independent members:

Founding Group:
  • Jacques Nicolet (President)
  • Matthieu Taravella
  • Gautier Taravella
  • Alta Patrimoine
  • Altafi 3
  • Altarea Commerce
  • ATI
  • JN Holding

Major shareholders and independent board members:
  • Françoise Debrus
  • Dominique Rongier
  • APG (Fonds ABP)
  • Foncière des Régions
  • FDR 3
  • Opus Investment
  • Prédica (Crédit Agricole Assurances)

The Supervisory Board oversees the ongoing management of the company. In particular it decides on profit allocation proposals and the distribution of reserves, they also decide on the dividend payment method in cash or in shares, for submission to the general assembly of shareholders. They decide on all capital expansion or reduction operations proposed to shareholders and are involved in the appointment of external auditors and property asset experts.

The Specialised Committees

Audit Committee
Members: Françoise Debrus* (President), Alain Dassas*, Olivier Estève*, Dominique Rongier* and Matthieu Taravella. [* Independent members].
The Audit Committee assists the Supervisory Board in the ongoing oversight and control of the company.

Investment Board
Members: Jacques Nicolet (President), Alain Dassas, Émeric Servin, Olivier Estève, Christian de Gournay, Éric Dumas and Philippe Mauro.
The Investment Board gives advice on investment and disinvestment decisions for amounts greater than 15 million Euros and less than 100 million Euros.

Remuneration and Management Committee
Management remuneration is reviewed every 5 years by the remuneration and management committee at the shareholder’s AGM and decides on proposals made by the General Partners in consultation with the Supervisory Board. Management remuneration was originally decided during the shareholder’s AGM at which the company was transformed, the next review is set for 2013.

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