The Group Executive Committee

01. Alain Taravella

Alain Taravella

Chairman and Founder
of Altarea Cogedim
Co-Manager and General Partner

05. Philippe JOSSE

Philippe JOSSE

Chairman of the Cogedim management Board

10. Ludovic Castillo

Ludovic Castillo

Chairman of the Management Board of Altarea Commerce

13. Adrien BLANC

Adrien BLANC

President Cogedim Entreprise

15. Eric Dumas

Eric Dumas

Altarea Cogedim Chief Financial Officer

40. Philippe Mauro

Philippe Mauro

Altarea Cogedim Corporate Secretary

50. Nathalie Bardin

Nathalie Bardin

Head of Institutional Relations, Communication and CSR

55. Laurent Campredon

Laurent Campredon

Altarea Cogedim Real Estate Legal Director

60. Karine MARCHAND


Human Resources Director Altarea Cogedim

65. Alexis Moreau

Alexis Moreau

Financial Director of Cogedim

Altarea Cogedim