Tour Blanche - Paris La Défense (92)

Project goal
Improve and modernize the aesthetic, technical and safety performance of a “first-generation” high-rise, i.e. part of the initial series of buildings erected at the La Défense complex in Paris, dating from 1964. The tower must be vacated in the second half of 2012.

Our solution
Altarea Cogedim Entreprise was selected as a service provider (delegated project manager) by Perella Weinberg Partners, which bought the high-rise from Chartis Europe. This assistance and advisory role consists in the definition, design and development of the program.

  • Site Address : 34, place des Corolles - Paris - La Défense (92)
  • Program managers :
    Jean-Frédéric Heinry -
    Patrice Fouilladieu -
    Arnaud Blotiere -
  • Owner : SAS FBO Tour CB 15 (Perella Weinberg Partners Group)
  • Investor : SAS FBO Tour CB 15 (Perella Weinberg Partners Group)
  • Project manager : SAS FBO Tour CB 15 (Perella Weinberg Partners Group)
  • Construction manager : Within the project management group, Silvio Petraccone and Egis Bâtiments
  • Architect : Silvio Petraccone
  • Technical consultants : Egis Bâtiments, LAFI Ingenierie, JL Lefevre, Coteba, Green Affair
  • Area : 25,000 m² usable space
  • Number of floors : G+26
  • HQE® Renovation certification
  • Projected completion date : Q1 2014
Altarea Cogedim